For CPAs And Bookkeepers

Drive More Billable Hours Each Week By Going Digital For Document Submission, Processing and Approvals On Your Own Platform 

Our Digital Platform, Designed To Eliminate Redundant Work and On A Platform That Is Yours (where you own the content), Can Be Licenses For Your Company, Staff, And Clients

The F3 System will streamline your AP (petty cash detail, expense reports, and vendor invoices) processing so that you can bill more client hours and expand your business, driving higher margins or increasing revenue.

The F3 will also serve to store any document of your choice in a digital filing cabinet that can be exported to a PDF dump (with a searchable digital index, exported to excel) and on a cloud platform that belongs to you and your firm.

I’m an outsource CFO with 30+ years of experience in film and TV production finance and regularly process hundreds of invoices and tens of thousands of dollars in petty cash/expenses weekly.  And I have figured out how to make this work more efficient reducing the time and costs to complete.

I want you to have the same online tools that we use in my business to process, approve and store the volumes of paper (digital and hard copy) that we get each day.  It’s simple, I will license the software that we built so that your company, staff and clients can benefit the same way that we have.

What I’m here to share with you is our F3 System that I built to streamline the processing of AP, petty cash and expense reports. Check it out some of the details and benefits below, it’s a platform accessed in a browser, communicating with your cloud accounting software, that doesn’t have any of my branding attached to it. It’s about you and the firm that you’ve built - your business!  And I’m here to help you grow and streamline a process so you can drive more bottom line.

Why did I do this - I built the F3 because, I needed a way to process a high volume of transactions, collecting documents from many different sources and of many different types (from as many as 11 departments, scattered over multiple shooting locations, like invoices, petty cash envelopes, credit card receipts, expense reports, W9s and contracts or agreements) and I also needed to collect approvals without having to schlep home 36” of paper every night or stay at my office until 10PM because we were growing out of control or understaffed.

I know boring shit, PAPER - but I still need to run my business and I wanted to be able to put my young daughter to bed every night.  AND I’ve been doing this since 2014 (long before the pandemic and zoom).

Going digital, growing and working hard don’t have to be a vampire of your time or attention. You get to choose where the work gets done and when and by whom. You can stash remote staff all over the world – it’s up to you.

So if you’re ready to transition to a digital workflow in your document intake, approval and ERP (accounting software) interface… then book a 20-40 minute call so we can discuss how we can set you up with software and a process that will simplify the paper in your office.

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Implementing the F3 and an all-digital workflow reduced our workload by hours each month and eliminated redundant data entry with the keypunch errors that are prevalent in manual entry.

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Collecting, processing and storing insane amounts of paper from multiple clients in and of itself can be a fulltime job of scanning, converting (to a common file format) and evaluating so the pile of paper can be moved forward or acted upon.   And on top of that, implementing a digital process is a big change and can get you stuck in a platform where we can't get out or is littered with a tech-bro's branding.  That is largely what stopped me from making the transition in 2010-2013.  So I created the F3.

Implementing an all-digital workflow using the F3 System will streamline your AP processing so that you can increase the number of billable hours without adding new staff and do it in a platform that belongs to you and identifies your firm - NOT mine.

The F3 will also give you access to our backend data processing staff in our Data Processing Center on an in-demand basis.

Our tools are designed for small to medium-sized CPA and bookkeeping firms that are looking to make the transition from a paper-based process to a digital, cloud based, system for all their staff and clients. All while doing it on a white label software platform that is unique to your firm. 

The F3 System does no contain any of our branding or proprietary file formats that get you locked into our platform. It is designed to integrate into your firm so that you do not lose your identity and designed to export to excel and PDF files so that you are never stuck in our ecosystem.

When it is time to archive the previous year’s documents into long term storage, client documents are in a format and system that can be accessed by staff and clients without being chained to the platform.

Using the F3 System will:

  • Allow you to hire staff anywhere
  • Access our Data Processing Center on an in-demand, part time, freelance basis
  • Automate your ERP entry
  • Streamline document submission from staff and clients
  • Eliminate data entry errors in your accounting software
  • Kill the need to buy another filing cabinet
  • Phase out long-term paper storage and document destruction costs associated with storage
  • Remote work for everyone (kill big office footprint) if you want
  • Finding that scrap of paper that wound up in the wrong file-folder
  • NEVER again buy filing office supplies (folders, Pendaflex, labels, bankers boxes, etc)
  • Stop collecting redundant W9s

So click the button below and you’ll be taken to a call booking page where you can pick and day and time that is good for you. Pick a time and we’ll get on a call to discuss how I can help you get back your time and drive more revenue.