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Go Behind The Scenes of "Hollywood Production Accounting" With The F3 System

How This "Secret" Movie Studio Accounting Software Can Help You Easily - Almost Effortlessly! - Process $30-40K Or More in Accounting Documents (in 1/4 The Time) Every Week

What Exactly Is All Of This About?

Hi, I'm Tim

(That's me to the right)

And If your accounting firm is anything like ours was five years ago, then I want to revolutionize your business.

You see, I’m an outsource CFO (probably like you) and I work for the movie studios and TV networks whose accounting needs are… Peculiar, to say the least.

Here’s just a very short list of some of the movie projects we’ve been involved with:

  • Jackass: The Movie, Tuesdays With Morrie, Michael Jackson's This Is It - a few examples
  • Dozens of indie features, Hallmark and Lifetime movies released in the past 20 years
  • The Benji Franchise
  • And dozens of other movies you may or may not have heard about
To be perfectly candid, movie & TV production accounting is a bit of a nightmare

Take, for example, a perfectly middle-of-the-road $4 million picture.

Beyond all of the hiring and casting that goes on, you have for example wardrobe, set decoration and set construction departments.

And it is perfectly reasonable to expect the eleven (or so) different departments behind the film to spend upwards of $30-40 thousand dollars, in cash and CC, every single week – consistently, for several months. Across multiple different shooting locations.

As a result, the CPAs and bookkeepers in my business were spending all of their time pushing paper and doing data entry – printing forms and manually filling them out, more often than not!

I had to devote more of my staff to each project, settle for lower productivity, and subject some of my best people to carpal tunnel, just to handle the demands of it all.

The F3 System Can Save You Hours

While Helping You Grow AND Make More

Like most great ideas, the F3 came from real-world use.

To solve our own problems, we built the F3 System for digital accounting back in 2014. Within a few weeks, we found ourselves feeling like we needed more work to stay busy – even with the same number of clients.

Since then, we’ve grown like crazy. It hasn’t even occurred to us to see if other accounting firms could benefit from the F3 System until recently – because it was our “secret weapon” for so long. Now we’re ready to share it with you, too.

Here’s What The F3 System Does:

  • Systematizes data entry for digital documentation, and optionally…
  • Gives you access to our Data Processing Center for full data entry automation
  • Batch export of documents to your online accounting software (like Xero or Quickbooks)
  • Flexibility with printing batch documents if needed
  • Organized list of documents for each client (PO, AP, PC, Expense Reports, Payments, W9)
  • Summary and backup of each document (digital form and scanned originals)
  • A “digital filing cabinet” that archives all documents for all clients
  • The ability to search and organize your database any way you want
  • All of this can be branded for YOU so your clients will never know the name F3
  • All hosted on AWS for supreme security and document backup safety

In short, it handles all of your documents so that the hardest piece is scanning and uploading them into the F3 System. As a result, you can work more billable hours and drastically reduce the amount of paper and data entry involved in your accounting practice.

Schedule A 30-Minute Meeting To See If The F3 Is Right For Your Business

If you need help in any of the areas we’ve been talking about on this page, we believe The F3 should be able to save you upwards of 10-20 hours of work, per employee, per week.

If you’re interested in learning more and seeing what The F3 can do for you, or even if you just have questions… Then we’d love to talk to you. Simply hit the button below and let us know what time works best for you. We’ll have one of our product experts ready to meet you then.

Thanks, and talk to you soon!